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Jay McLean

(Melbourne, Australia and Rockwell, Philippines)


When you make a huge commitment to going ALL-IN with an obsessive FOCUS, and backed up with MASSIVE ACTION, then YOUR SUCCESS, TRULY FOLLOWS YOUR DREAMS [period]
20.06.20 > 1. $5,000 month 2. 35hrs week 3. 5 months

>> Happy and Healthy Darling, Daughters, Angie & Montessori & Friends, Madie & Shichida & Friends, Mum, Uncle Malcolm, EJ & Friends, Ray & Family, James & Friends, Nanay, Tatay & Pets, ALL BBU Legacy Superstars Family & Friends, Melbourne Family & Friends, Philippine Family & Friends…

>> ACHIEVED Girls Montessori and Shichida FEB 2020

Inspire Montessori – Preston CampusInspire Montessori Play – Preston Campus
Inspire Montessori Class – Preston CampusShichida Australia – Doncaster Campus
St Pius X School Montessori – Heidleberg Campus

>> Awesome safe 3B, 2B, 1P Home in beautiful fresh air surroundings in eastern suburbs, close to girls schools, preferably close to Doncaster area for Madie’s Shichida, Relaxing, Fun, Restos, Movies, Godiva, Lego, Myer, David Jones, in Divine Order.

>> ACHIEVED Home 20/05/20, next to Westfield Shopping Centre

Outside Home View 1Outside Home View 2Outside Home View 3
Outside Westfield Shopping Centre View – Doncaster

>> I AM and BBU Legacy Partners are Rich, Happy and Healthy and every phase of our lives is in Divine Order

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>> Through Personal Motivation Mentoring with…
with WorldVentures and BuildBetterU Legacy to 400 Entrepreneurs (Left Leg 200 and Right Leg 200), I AM earning easily, effortlessly and consistently a minimum of US5,000 per month by 23rd OCT 2020

>> Marketing Director Accelerator or MD Accelerator

>> What is MD Accelerator?

> A recognition and compensation promotion for Reps that waives the Income Requirement in order to reach Marketing Director sooner.

>> When does the promotion start?

> MD Accelerator starts on 20 June 2020 at 12 a.m. CST and ends on 23 October 2020 at 11:59 p.m. CST.

>> Why do I want to be a Marketing Director?

> A Rep who reaches the rank of Marketing Director qualifies for:
  • Direct Commission
  • Weekly Bonuses (US$5,000 weekly maximum)
  • Monthly Residual Commissions, US$15 /Cycle (US$5,000 monthly maximum)
  • TravelDollars subject to the US$5,000 maximum combined value of Cycle Bonuses and TravelDollars
  • Wings and Wheels Lifestyle Bonus
  • Access to “Train the Trainer” Sessions (Trainer School) ***

>> How do I qualify?

> During the promotional period, the Income Requirement will be waived (US$6,750 cumulatively in the preceding three calendar months; US$2,250 monthly average – including TravelDollars). The Rep MUST meet the Lineage Requirement of 400 Active Customers (no more than 200 counted from any one line).

> You must also be active and in good standing during the entire promotional period.

>> Be AWESOME, Have Fun & Truly Shine in WV Trainer School and BBU Legacy, OCT 2020

>> Consistently Read, Learn, Index and BuJo 2 Books per month for the 2020 Evolution, which equals to a total of 24 Awesome Life Changing Books I will have read

> 01 > V1:89-90: The Bullet Journal Method > Ryder Carroll (aka BuJo) ***
> 02 > V1:185: Spark Joy > Marie Kondo **
> 03 > V1:209-210: Mindfuleness > Mark Williams & Danny Penman ***
> 04 > V2:64: Essentialism > Greg McKeown **
> 05 > V2:136: Ikigai > Hector Garcia & Franese Miralles *
> 06 > V2:174: The Power of Now > Eckhart Tolle **
> 07 > V2:190: Practicing The Power Of Now > Eckhart Tolle
> 08 > V2:222: Cycles of Life > Henry Spencer Lewis (1917) ***
> 09 > V2:232-233: Network Marketing Superstar > Mary and Wayne Christenseen
> 10 > V3:32: Ichigo Ichie > Hector Garcia & Franese Miralles *
> 11 > V3:53: Stillness Speaks > Eckhart Tolle
> 12 > V3:112: Acres of Diamonds > Dr. Russell H. Conwell

>> Pay It Forward and the BuJo Sharing to 400 Awesome Entrepreneurs around the World i.e. Australia, Philippines, USA, Lebanon

> What VALUE are you bringing into this market place?

> Awareness > Re-programming
You can be, do, and have anything you want. So, if you believe you can be a prosperous person, you can.

So, whether you own a business or work for one, spend time each day developing your mind maintain the attitude of a student.

In addition to reading and studying, gain wisdom by removing yourself from associating with ignorant, negative people who are satisfied with where they are in life and aren’t interested in growing or finding purpose in life (of course family an exception to a degree).

Then, put yourself in the company of people who have a hunger and a passion for wisdom, knowledge, and success.

Prosperous people never feel like they’re spinning on a hamster wheel. They set awesome goals, awesome dreams, so they know where they are going, and they consistently take steps to get there.

You are trading your life for your dreams, so make sure your dreams are worthy of your time.

They must make you stretch and bring more of yourself to the surface.

Prosperous people not only know where they’re going, but they also approach their work with intensity, with laser-focus, and a sense of purpose. As a result, they get a lot done in a short period.

When you work in this way, you don’t have to work harder, you just work more efficiently through systematic thought instead of random action.

Expressing gratitude shifts your energy instantly. It puts you in harmony with your source of supply so that the good in everything moves toward you.

When prosperous people have a challenge in life, a money issue, a business problem, a relationship problem, instead of adding energy to the problem by focusing on it, they tend to think about things they are grateful for.

They know that when you change the way you look at the problems, the problems will change.

If you want to find people who work hard… work hard.
If you want to find people who produce… produce.
If you want to find leaders… be a leader.

>> BE the example of the CULTURE and ACTIONS you want to be DUPLICATED in your organization.

Once I start prospecting like crazy, making calls like crazy, keeping my goals in front of me, tracking my daily actions, etc…

>> All of a sudden… I’ll have someone call me out of the blue that ends up with them joining my business and building big.

>> All of a sudden… someone on my team who’s just been plodding along will see that I’m excited and introduce me to someone who ends up becoming a strong leader.

>> All of a sudden… someone will watch one of my Training videos and tell me they want to get into network marketing and they end up building big or leading me to someone who does.

> YES, it’s awesome to get an education, which I also had to do! But there is no shortage of education and advice. Pretty much anything these days you can easily find a YouTube video that can help you.

>> The challenge is not a lack of education, the true challenge is a lack of starting… and then staying consistent.

>> Because if you don’t START, the best strategies in the world won’t do you any good.

>> I am on a mission to change the lives of people like me. I changed my life. Now, I want to change yours. I started from zero and through pure consistency, I got what I wished for. I want to share it with you.

>> You have the potential. And your potential needs a direction. I want to give your potential a push in the right direction. That’s why I ACTION DAILY. You are my mission. Your success is my destination. I want to add value to your life so that you can rise on the horizon.

>> I thought about how could I do this. I started adding value to other people’s lives daily. You are among those. I genuinely want you to progress. I want to leave an impact on you. You are lucky, I wish I had me helping me a decade ago.

>> So, you can do a miracle. The impact will shift the waves into your favor. I am pushing you to a positive shift in your life. I am hopeful about your success. Aren’t you?

>> Let’s come out of the rut and see the sunlight. It is everyone’s right. Jay McLean was once a seed. But Jay has discovered the secrets to success. I want to share these secrets with you! I want you to leave an impact on your family, friends, and this awesome universe.

Anyone can be a genius if they pick one specific subject and study it consistently for just only 10 minutes each day… that’s right superstars… only 10 minutes.. each… freaking day!!

If you wanted to make a career out of network marketing, you just have to be willing to get this specific education. Just as a doctor or lawyer has to go to a medical or law school, network marketers must go to network marketing school.

The awesome news is, that network marketing school is much much easier than medical or law school. Investing 10 minutes a day in learning network marketing is so easy to do.

>> It simply requires a COMMITMENT, and then the CONSISTENCY to back it up, to simply invest 10 minutes of your day to become a GENIOUS.

>> So all you need to truly ask yourself is… Do you have it in you, to invest 10 minutes a day?

1. EntrepreneurSHIP
2. ApprenticeSHIP
3. RelationSHIP
4. FriendSHIP > Group Plays Together Stays Together
5. PartnerSHIP > Communication Is Key > Give Honest Feedback
6. MentorSHIP
7. SponsorSHIP
8. OwnerSHIP
9. LeaderSHIP
10. MemberSHIP
11. ChampionSHIP

A “motivational slump” is almost always the cause of a lack of personal development.

When your focus is only on “everyday” life such as entertainment, social media, TV, the corona news, tragic events, etc. etc. Your motivation becomes exactly like “everyday.” Everyday life is average and it’s why most aren’t charged up and motivated for greatness.

If you want your motivational energy to change, re-focus some of your attention towards personal growth. Specifically, personal development books, youtube videos, audios, courses, etc.

>> When your attention goes towards motivation and growth-oriented consumption, your energy follows that attention.

If I want to get motivated towards health, I focus on health-related books, videos, courses, and audios.

If I want to get motivated towards network marketing, I focus on MLM related books, videos, courses, and audios. You get the idea.

>> Because, for the most part, I’m almost always consuming personal growth-related content, I almost always have a huge drive to achieve deeper levels of success.

>> You see, my mission is to help you become a powerful leader. A huge piece of becoming a powerful leader is maintaining powerful levels of motivation and drive.

Some days you’re going to suck… take ACTION anyway!

Some days you don’t even feel like doing 10 minutes of CNP Invite Method… take ACTION anyway!

Some days your presentations are going to be off… take ACTION anyway!

Some days you’re not going to feel like making calls or answering the phone… take ACTION anyway!

Some days you’re not going to feel like going out for a walk and do your 5,000 to 10,000 steps… take ACTION anyway!

>> Today’s “pay it forward” sharing is not one of my best. But ya know what? … I took ACTION anyway!

>> And I’ll tell you… it feels so much better feeling proud of my self for taking ACTION (even if it’s not the world’s greatest) than it would have felt having that “nagging feeling of in-action.” Stay Awesome Superstars!!!

>> Be an AWESOME MD Trainer for WV and BBU through our RTEs > Regional Training Events

> Paint a picture with my storytelling and teach a lesson and motivate entrepreneurs in a way that can relate to certain aspects of the entrepreneurs life.

> I can read the room and speak to the entrepreneurs needs rather than my own.

> I will lift entrepreneurs up and inspire them to do action more.


>> With over 15 years of experience, Jay McLean exudes passion and authenticity in each and every one of the sharing he delivers around the world. From the moment he walks out on the stage, Jay McLean starts out his motivational sharing with an awesome bang and end with his entrepreneurs in awe of what they just experienced.

>> As one of the best motivational speakers in the world, Jay McLean always revolves his speeches around relatable content that will reach out and grab the entrepreneurs attention from the start. Most importantly, Jay McLean isn’t afraid to speak openly and honestly about his successes and his failures on his journey to becoming the entrepreneur he is today.

>> Jay McLean has the humility to share lessons through his own mistakes and his own accomplishments, allowing the audience to truly relate to the purpose of his speech–also showing them that they too can accomplish what they may think is the impossible.

>> Jay McLean’s sharing are relatable, motivating, and easily inspire each and every entrepreneur who attends to take awesome action… “WHO’s AWESOME?”… I AM AWESOME!!

>> Be an AWESOME MD Motivational Trainer, 2020

> PASSION: It is essential that I show a passion for what I do and what I speak about so to truly inspire others to take action.

> CONFIDENCE: I will make entreprenerus enthralled with what I AM trying to impart on them, with pure confidence in myself.

> DYNAMIC: I will know how to navigate story sharing circumstances to ensure that my sharing is always relevant to the entrepreneurs.

> EMPATHY: Being able to empathize with entrepreneurs, being able to understand how they feel, will allow me to expand new depths in my work and relate myself to entrepreneurs on another level.

> HUMOR: Adding humor to my sharing is one of the best ways to keep my entrepreneurs enthralled by being fun and light-hearted in certain sections.

>> By 31st DEC 2020 easily and effortlessly achieve 50% of my initial 10 AWESOME DREAMS for 2020